RooM will put the availability of Shared Spaces at your fingertips

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Our service easily shows you today’s times of availability for shared spaces
near you, and more.

For students, a shared space can be an available room on a college campus where you can go and quietly study or relax in-between classes.

For visitors or tourists, it can be an exhibition room in a busy and/or large museum or gallery.

It can be an area of help in a post-disaster emergency clinic, or guidance through a busy hospital.

Any place such as an available office in your building, or an available hotel-resident area where you are staying at.

At Your Service

Of course, you can only reside in these spaces if you’re allowed to be there.

And, because we are crowdsourced, the amount of data available to you can be endless.

Essentially, if you think people near you should know about it, you’ll put it in our service!

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